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Visit New York State ...Plan a Guided Bus Tour featuring Underground Railroad, Erie Canal, Women’s Rights and History, Shopping, Wine Tasting and much more ...experience the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal and the 100th anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote!

Snowmobiling New York State

Snowmobiling New York StateSnow fall varies great between areas and years with averages ranging from 2 feet to 38 feet of snow. Weather conditions, storms and trail grooming play a big factor in planning a trip. New York States offers 8,000 plus miles of trails (DEC). Trail permits maybe required & trail guides can be very helpful. Snowmobile rentals are also a possible consideration. Snowmobiles offer access to unique forest areas, landscape views and other winter sights! After picking your area of interest, one can get area trail details at the lodging locations when booking your snow excursion!
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Ice Fishing NY State
As winter arrives, fish adjust to the colder temperatures, becoming less active, conserving energy and eating less as their metabolism slows. All though many anglers prefer warm weather fishing, winter time ice fishing is enjoyed by many and possesses a unique experience. With an abundance of lakes and winter weather, New York State offers a great winter ice fishing get-a-way for you, friends and family.

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