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Plan a Guided Bus Tour featuring Underground Railroad, Erie Canal, Women’s Rights and History, Shopping, Wine Tasting and much more ...experience the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal and the 100th anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote!

Romulus, NY - the heart of the Finger Lakes

Romulus, NY is located between the largest two Finger Lakes of central NY State (Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake). South of Geneva and Seneca Falls, and North of Watkins Glen and Ithaca Romulas is a very rural area with many Wineries and outdoor attractions to choose from. In addition, this area holds the past Seneca Army Depot (10,000 plus acres) along with a unique white deer herd, and other wildlife including brown deer, turkeys, and geese. The Romulus area is a scenic area with many great lake views and waterfalls in the region. Both, Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake, offer extensive wine tour trails adding to your Get-A-Way options! ...learn more>>

Sandhill Cranes - unique to New York State
At the north end of Cayuga Lake, in central New York, is part of a wetland area with more than 18,000 acres of marshes, wooded swamps, small ponds and streams. This area is the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Bird watchers call it the "Atlantic Flyway", a stopover for migratory birds. There are many observation pools at this refuge and several wildlife species can be seen such as American coots, muskrats, great blue heron, geese, osprey, and bald eagles. Also spotted has been a pair of sandhill cranes which are unique to New York State.

Guided Tours Leisure Tours Dining Lodging Featured Events MoreNY

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